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Kingswood 2013 - Info Evening & Letters

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15th March 2013

Dear Parent                  

The Kingswood Residential Trip is fast approaching and I would like to give you more details of the trip and what will be needed.  We will be leaving school at 12.00 pm on Sunday 23rd June 2013 and we will be arriving back at the school at approximately 3.30 pm on Wednesday 26th June.  Please make sure your child has a packed lunch with them as we intend to stop on the way for lunch.   Due to the fact that the activities are quite varied, attached is a list of clothing and essentials that your child will require for the 4 days. 

You are invited to attend, together with your child a short meeting in the school gym on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 at 6.30 pm so that we can give you the final details of activities that the children will be taking part in, answering any questions that you might have about the trip and meeting the staff who will be responsible for your child over the 4 days. 

If your child requires any medication while we are away could you please place the medication in an
envelope, with your child’s name and the dosage instructions clearly marked.  This will include travel pills for the journey to and from Kingswood.  

Could I also take this opportunity to remind you of our payment schedule and the fact that the total amount of £210 should have been paid in full by 22nd March, if you have any outstanding payments could they please be made up to date asap.

To provide the necessary parental consent and emergency contact details, please complete the PC07, Parental Consent Form and return this as soon as possible, together with the pupil contract and your telephone details for our phone tree.  The phone tree information will be used to call you in case of delays on our return journey. If we do not receive these forms before we travel, your child will not be able to go.

A summary of our Suffolk County Council insurance policy that we use to cover your child on visits is
included for your information.  We look forward to seeing you on 23rd  April at 6.30 pm.  Please indicate on the reply slip whether you are able to attend the meeting.

Yours sincerely

Miss R Miles
Trip Leader

Kingswood Residential Trip Information Evening – Thursday 23rd April 2013 at 6.30 pm

Name of Pupil: _______________________________________  Class: ___________________

I will/will not* be able to attend the Kingswood Information Evening on 23rd April 2013 at 6.30 pm.

I would like ______________ seats.

My contact number for telephone tree is: __________________________________

Signed: ________________________ Date: _____________

*Delete as appropriate



June 2013  

Kingswood Centre – Contract

In order to establish a clear understanding of the behaviour expected during this trip would you and your son/daughter sign the following ‘contract’ having read it through carefully.

I agree to:

  • Follow the teachers’ and instructors instructions at all times
  • Be aware of safety issues
  • Have respect for the wildlife of the area
  • Have respect for others in the group
  • Not to take a walkman, mp3 player or mobile phone
  • Not take or buy any chewing gum
  • Not enter anyone’s room except my own
  • To accept bed times and time given to be quiet
  • To leave all valuables at home
  • Not to eat sweets during sessions
  • To eat sensibly in the canteen

If at any time during the week I behave in a way that puts the safety of myself or others at risk or ignore any rules or instructions from a teacher or instructor I understand that a Parent will come and collect me and bring me home.  No refunds will be given.  If, in extreme circumstances, Mrs Holmes has to collect me her expenses will have to be paid.

Signed:  _______________________________________________ Pupil

_____________________________________________________ Parent

_____________________________________________________ Pupil’s name (PRINTED)

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Yours sincerely

Miss R Miles     Mrs S Holmes  Miss Holly Hunt      Mrs Sally Oakes    Mr David Wise
Trip Organiser  Headteacher  Teaching Assistant  Form Tutor         Form Tutor
Head of Year 5



Packing List Kingswood 2013

As well as all the usual items you will need, we have compiled a list of
essential items for your stay.


Toiletries etc.
Activity Clothes – long sleeved tops/t-shirts (it is important that tops
have long sleeves as this is the requirement of Kingswood to enable
you to take part in the activities).  
Full length Trousers
Clothes for the disco!
Waterproof clothing (jacket and/or trousers)
Pair of old trainers for activities
Large plastic bag for dirty clothing
1 Bath Towel
Sunglasses & Suncream
Drinks Bottle
Reading Book
Medication – this must be in a named envelope or container and passed
to the trip leader before departure.

Please ensure that all items are clearly named.

Please make sure students do not bring any valuables (mobile phones, expensive cameras, ipods, mp3 players, expensive clothing, electronic games, expensive jewellery etc). 



NAME OF CHILD:  ______________________  DATE OF BIRTH:  ______________

STOWMARKET MIDDLE SCHOOL:          CLASS:      __________________

VISIT(S) TO:    Kingswood 2013 – Sunday 23rd June – Wednesday 26th June.

I have received and read details of the above visit(s).  I consent to my child taking part in the visit(s) and the activities indicated.  I acknowledge that the staff will be liable in the event of any accident only if they have failed to take reasonable care of my child during the visit.

PHOTO PERMISSION:  I give permission/do not give permission (please delete where appropriate) for my child to have their photograph taken, which may be used on the school website, school digital signage, school newsletter and local press (intouch with Stowmarket)

I have read any information provided with regard to the standard of behaviour and/or code of conduct expected during the visit and I undertake to reinforce this information with my child.

I consent to my child receiving medical treatment that, in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner, may be necessary.  My child’s doctor’s name and address is:



I undertake to pay the required sums by whatever date(s) are specified to me and accept that, in respect of any withdrawal from the visit for whatever reasons, there will be no refund of the whole or part of the payment(s) unless the circumstances are covered by travel insurance or otherwise at the discretion of the school governors.

I acknowledge that in the event that my child's participation in the visit/activity is terminated by staff due to his/her misbehaviour I am liable to pay the full cost of the trip and I undertake to pay any expenses incurred by the school in returning my child to my care.

Signed:  __________________________________________________(Parent/Carer)


1.  Please give your home address and contact phone numbers.  If you will be away from home during the visit please give an alternative address where you, or a relative or friend acting for you, can be contacted. 

Home Address                                     Alternative Contact if required

Name: _________________________    Name: _________________________

Address: _______________________    Address: _______________________

_____________________________     _______________________________

Post Code: ______________________    Post Code: ____________________

Tel: ___________________________    Tel: ___________________________

Tel: ___________________________    Tel: ___________________________

2.  In your child’s interest, it is important that the organising staff should know whether he or she suffers from any illness or medical condition.  Please use this space to state, in confidence, any health or other matter concerning your child of which accompanying staff should be aware.  Please indicate here also if your child is receiving medication, with details & dosage, and/or has any specific dietary requirements.




Suffolk County Council Travel Insurance 2012 - 2013

Insurers – Royal and Sun Alliance 
Policy number RKK775132

Scope of cover – summary

1)  Cancellation and curtailment – Limit £5,000 per any one person

  • Cancellation arising from any fortuitous event outside the control of insured.
  • Curtailment after commencement of the journey as a result of death injury illness of the insured any person with whom they are travelling or a relative of the insured.

NB Cancellation due to bad weather is excluded

2)  Medical Expenses – Unlimited cover
Unlimited in respect of emergency repatriation expenses

Medical and/or travel expenses incurred as a direct result of the insured sustaining injury or
becoming ill during the visit including: -

  • Repatriation
  • Parents Visiting
  • Funeral Expenses

NB First Assist MUST be promptly informed
Telephone number from abroad +44 (0) 20 8763 3155   

3)  Personal accident (maximum capital sum) -
In death:  - Pupils (under 18) £2,500, Adults £50,000. 
- Work Experience (under 18) £3,500, Adults £20,000
Permanent disablement:- Pupils and Adults £50,000 (Work Exp. £20,000)
Weekly benefits: Pupils £5. Adults £20 (104 weeks maximum)

4)  Personal effects -   Limits

£1,500 any one item
£1,500 in all for one person 
£1,500 (cash limit £1,000) money

5)  Personal liability – Limit £5,000,000

6)  Travel delay

  • First 4 hours - £50
  • Each succeeding 4 hours - £50. Up to £500 overall or the amount paid for fares whichever is the less
  • Missed departure up to £500 due to public transport on which insured is travelling fails to deliver insured to place of subsequent departure

7)  Hijack
£300 per insured person for each 24 hour period in excess of 24 hours following hijack –
maximum payout £50,000