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Upcoming Events

Whole School individaul photos
Thu Sep 25
09:00AM - 03:00PM

Changes to Homework Policy - 2014/15

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Posted Monday, 08 September 2014 11:06

Dear Parent/Guardian

I am writing to you to inform you of some changes to our homework policy. For many years pupils have undertaken modular homework in the foundation subjects and weekly tasks for the core subjects. Whilst modular homework has been very popular with pupils and parents alike and it has produced some wonderful models and presentations we now feel it is time to make some changes.

With the transition process that will be taking place at the end of next year we feel we need to make homework more structured and rigorous to help pupils adjust more easily when the make the move to High school. Therefore all subjects will set weekly tasks or longer projects and these tasks will tend to be more literacy based rather than of a creative style. These changes will take effect from the beginning of the autumn term.

Mark Bartholomew
Assistant Head for Teaching, Learning and Curriculum


Happy Holidays!

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Posted Tuesday, 29 July 2014 10:59

We hope you all have a fabulous summer holiday and enjoy lots of rest and relaxation!


For those pupils coming back to Stowmarket Middle in September, you start back on Friday 5th September - Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th are staff Professional Development days.



Press release - The last full award ceremony from Stowmarket Middle School

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Posted Tuesday, 29 July 2014 10:14

Excerpt from our Leavers' Assembly ...

Elizabeth Grief (The William Warren award for the most improvement in Y6).

William was a pupil at the school who was tragically killed in a car accident):  Elizabeth was chosen for this award as she quite simply brings a huge amount of joy to every P.E. lesson. She does this on two fronts. Firstly the improvement she has made in two years is a joy to see. She was so very timid at the start of last year and we have all seen her improve her skills, gain confidence and start to love her time in the gym. The second way she creates joy in the lesson is what she brings to it personally. She brings a huge smile and more importantly she brings out the best in others – so many helping hands on offer, so many competitors moving at half pace to give her a chance, so many softly thrown balls to aid a catch – all of those offers of help are priceless.

Elizabeth’s contribution to a P.E. lessons show, at the same time, the futility of sport (it’s meaninglessness) and its gravitas (its importance). The futility is that  the competition is meaningless to someone as special as Elizabeth and the gravitas is the wonderful emotions that sport brings out in Elizabeth and those around her.

Josh Swann (The Evans award for help and support in sport).

This is going to be an extremely short speech. Josh is quite simply one of the most pleasant and most helpful lads I have met over the last 35 years.

All Award Winners 2014

Mr M Evans, Assistant Headteacher


Leavers' Disco

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Posted Friday, 11 July 2014 13:34

Year 8 Leavers' Disco

Thursday 17th July 2014, 7-9pm.


Tickets (£2.50) are on sale in school until the end of Tuesday 15th July - available break and lunchtime.


Historic Whole-School Photo

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Posted Friday, 11 July 2014 13:26

If you have already ordered your photo(s), these will be here by 23rd July and we will get them to you before the end of term.

If you have not yet ordered, but one is wanted, orders MUST be in, with £6.00 (exact money please) by registration on Wednesday morning, 16th July. These photos will also be back by the 23rd July.

After Wednesday the school will not accept orders; however you WILL be able to still buy the photo, BUT you will have to contact Van Cols directly and it will cost a lot more than £6.00 - unfortunately, they cannot give us an exact figure at present.


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